I’m back. The unit tests are over,  and the only sign that’s left of them is the horrible hangover i have of utter hopelesssness and sloth that they’ve resulted in.

Contrast this to a number of weeks ago when I was blissfully busy, engage in something or the other every single day so consistently, and filled with marvellous larger ambitions for life, all of which seemed palpably possible and doable. And now I decide to skip an exam as well as a class within half an hour when there’s still over an hour left for the class.

And it’s a funny thing, but it hasn’t been until I got down to writing this (and this particular paragraph at that) that I actually got to thinking about getting out of this rut of sorts. Before this point it’s just been a dazed acceptance of this state of being, with no real questioning or concentrated opposition to speak of. The process of putting this stuff down in words however does help in terms of thinking about it to the extent of realizing that it needn’t be a state to accept without question, and certainly not one to be unperturbed about. So writing this blog has some tangibly positive impact on my mind, it would seem. Whether or not it will bring results is something that will have to be observed in due time.

Does this still count as a daily blog if I’ve missed three days on account of the tests? Even if one was willing to make that allowance for a student, the fact does remain that I didn’t do a lot of studying during those three days that I spent away from the blog. I suppose an exception can be made seeing as it’s the first time it’s happened.