Oh dear lord. This is more of a therapy blog than a daily blog. Well, so be it.

Is it work i hate, or existence, or is it what i do? Studying is something everyone does, but stidying the law? In India? In National Law University Delhi? Is it just that I hate? Or is it a larger category of studying, therefore qualifying me to be branded as lazy and unworthy? The not-so-latter question has some merit. The way they teach the law in general is absolutely pathetic. I don’t necesarily mean the teaching quality. But simply the way the entire thing is built. Fifty courses, worth some what 500 credits, taught over the course of 42 months of semester time. That’s a frankly undoable level of coursework that’s being imposed on a set of faculty and students who are unable to deliver. But maybe I am exaggerating. There are a lot of high CGPAs in some batches, and quite often the students do actually remember what they learned in previous courses and its ramifications. These two groups of students don’t always overlap a lot, but that’s alright.

Harlots and Hemingways, cheer for the great Sultan on Poorpur, who makes his way in his stately thingamabob!

A full five minutes standing in one place outside and then pushed away fearing someone was going to walk by twice and see how weird I am.

Stream o consciousness. Does this qualify? Do I need to spell right while doing this? How are the rules of grammar altered, if at all, in this form of writing?

Enough of this bull shit! I will leave all of this to rot and run away. somewhere far away where neither projects friends deadlines commitments or whatsapp messages (or indeed the lack thereof) can bother me. I will leave all this shit and flush it down, to die somewhere else, happier and hungrier.

I don’t even want to talk about it but… Okay, I won’t.

Time to take a shower.