Hi. What else to we have in the world apart from a burning desire to do something or another? Even if it isn’t a selfish desire and is otherwise motivated…

Sigh. I don’t want to talk about the nature of desire. Enough of that stuff. Lets talk about… roller coasters? I’ve never really been on a major one. I’m nearly 22 now. Damn. You definitely ought to have been on a good roller coaster ride by the time your eighteen or something, if you’re a part of that general paradigm of lifestyle. Which is to simply say, if you’ve visited amusement parks a few times in your life. There’s a bunch of things I think people should do before a certain age. Though this is much less a 30 before 30 list than it is a… lets say 50 before 15 list. Books, movies, music, playing instruments, singing and/or dancing, and certain kinds of experiences like paying the gas bill or the corporation tax or help filing tax returns, all of these are the kinds of things I’d feature in that list. It just makes you more of a complete human being is all.

It makes us better equipped to deal with the myriad situations we’d face when chasing those desires I mentioned earlier. Of course, one might argue that you’d simply learn to deal with these situations when you actually do face them while chasing your passions anyway, but it does seem better to face them in a more controlled environment first, preparing yourself, as it were, so that you don’t have as much at stake and are better placed to deal with random scenarios cropping up when facing different kinds of media or situations. Another argument would be that even after you go through this incubation period of sorts, a preparatory gauntlet as it were, you will nonetheless feel a sense of emptiness when you go forth into whatever you claimed passion turns out to be. However, the fact remains that the two are not really necessarily a guy thing. Sorry, I meant the same thing.

I ended up talking about how to deal with desire anyway. I don’t mind at this point. Have a nice day.