been a while since i wrote on here. however life is shit once again and i want a place to vent. i considered using the word ‘need’ there but i’m not sure about whether i do need it. i’m also not sure about the contours of the word ‘need’. has there been an authoritative Supreme Court judgment on it? if so, maybe i can look that up. and then i can decide whether i want or need this blog post and the venting associated therewith.

in other matters of immediate political relevance, the above propositions have been debated at length amongst myself and my associates who decided to give a shit for a while. the counter argument is that elements in my life add up to make it substantially more enjoyable and privileged, by objective standards (socially sponsored standards is what I mean — because really, what is objective beyond what’s tangible, and what can can you feel that’s tangible that isn’t affecting you directly? a shit argument but bear with me) and to that extent i lose out on the right (moral) to moan and bitch about the same. my unarticulated response consists of that fable-ish concept of the rich man who isn’t able to enjoy any of his riches because he’s become so attached to his belongings and wealth that that he’s forgotten how to be in the moment and enjoy what he has. it’s not an argument i’m able to find my self sustaining by word of mouth to someone else because A, it’s a little bit goddamn vague, and B, I’m a materialistic and selfish person who is and should be satisfied by the material comforts that socio-economic prosperity beings with it.

that being said, my response would definitely have some kind of entrenchment in the realm of philosophy, spirituality and the mind-body balance and blah de blah de blah. no serious doubts about that. maybe i need to become more ruthless in the quality of tv shows that I watch. would be no bad thing I reckon. except that there would obviously be less TV to watch. which on second thought, is also no bad thing.

taken at residency road, bangalore. © Siddharth Manohar, 2015.